Zainab Atanda
2 min readJun 28, 2020



Oh Yes! It starts from You and I. Not the government, not the church, not our leaders, but us. We are the genesis of the problem because we make up the system.

The golden rule states that You should treat people the way you want to be treated.

Yet, we only chant the words but fail to apply it. Is it not hypocrisy, that we are quick to point fingers at our leaders, so quick to rant about their misdeed, yet when given a project to handle, or given something to share, we throw fairness out the window and favour our friends first.

I once witnessed a scene at the Lagos brt(bus rapid transit) terminal at Ikeja. I was lost in thoughts, as I stood on the queue, and watched adults fight their way into the newly acquired buses. Loud screams and insults ensued that day.

Why do we act in such a manner? Is it just too hard to do things orderly? Why has impatience gotten a room in our minds? What can this be called?

Frustration, self centeredness, hatred?

I just wonder how people allow their acquaintances join them on a queue, with no regard for others standing behind.

What makes it worse is the excuses given to these acts of impartiality. You hear people say “oh You are old schooled, shine your eye, it is a normal thing, he is my friend, I am only helping her".

Little wonder why people get to the seat of power and misuse the opportunity. It should not be surprising to us to see majority of our leaders act unjust and biased, since we do the same in our communities, in our schools, office space and even on the roads while driving.

It is now common to see people judge wrongly for fear of being cast aside. Wrong doings are now altered to be right, for temporary satisfactions.

Our convictions depicts our actions, and our actions depicts the results we see. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

Do not cast a blind eye to circumstances that necessitates you to speak out.


It is in our hands to make things better! Feel free to be the different one in the room! Defend your values publicly. Stand with the truth at all cost, soon enough your voice would be heard in your space and people will respect you for who you are.

Life would have been a living hell if everyone acts this way. Thanks to the few good ones out there, who still have their conscience guarded. It is not an impossible feat! we can make this change happen, you and I. Atleast for our future generations and for a better life.