What You Need To Know About Feelings

Feelings don’t drop from the sky.

Let’s break this down

Take a look at this scenario;

A guy is feeling anxious to woo a lady. Why?

This could be reasons why:

1. He stammers

2. He is timid

3. He has read alot about rejections

4. He has low self-esteem

But if he doesn’t go past his feelings, a solution will be impossible, because feelings are only pointers to the problem.

What he ought to do is to ask himself “Why do I feel this way?” This will make him aware of the emotions behind the feelings and that is a better reality that can be solved.

Go beyond your feelings

Feelings Are Not Emotions

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What Are Emotions?

Your Feelings Can Be Controlled

You might wonder, why do I need to control my feelings?

A newbie at work was given the opportunity to sit at the table with board of directors. Obviously, what is expected of her, is that she comports herself and learn. But she couldn’t contain her excitement. She felt happy, important, and valuable. Her emotions got the best of her and she giggled all through the meeting.

The directors were offended and irritated, they could understand her excitement but they expected her to have controlled those feelings and not disturb the meeting. I am sure she focused more on her presence in the room than what she ought to learn.

What You Should Take From This Article

  • Feelings are only expressions, don’t treat them like a big deal.
  • Question your feelings, it helps you stay in check.
  • You can control your feelings, it is a choice you have to make at any given time.
  • If you don’t control your feelings, people will control you.
  • You are not your feelings. You only feel it.
  • Feelings are fickle.



Words speak, I do hope you hear it too.

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