Do You Underestimate Writers Too?

Zainab Atanda
4 min readAug 8, 2021

Launching into a career path like Writing is not an easy feat in this part of the world. I guess this stems from the fact that writing is an act that we all do, or at least almost everyone can.

Showing up online every day means you are typing every day. No matter how short a text is, it is still writing. Does this mean we are all writers? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Though we can all write, we have different kinds of writers. I will classify them into four.

  1. Writing as a hobby:

These are writers that are good with words. Their best form of expression is through words, they write on any topic they deem fit. They are not bothered about the impact neither are they concerned about their niche. Writing is an act they only do in leisure.

2. Writing as a career:

These are writers that choose writing as a career path and pursue it. These types of writers learn. They choose a niche and understand its nitty-gritty. They enroll for courses, take classes, follow mentors, and ensure they get paid well. They might not even be good with words, or have any prior knowledge but are willing and ready to learn it all.

3. Writing as a means:

These are talented writers that become paid writers. They never start with the aim of making money. Writing started as a hobby but along the way, it began to fetch money. Most writers in this category pursue other career paths and maintain writing as a side job.

4. Writing as an act:

This is where the general populace lie, writers of basic English language. Writing is not a big deal to this set of people, it is only a means of communication, nothing else.

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Take a quick look at every application on your phone. Take another look at inscriptions around you, do you notice words everywhere?

Most content on applications are written by writers, website content are written by writers, ads and billboards, movie scripts and jingles, emails and blogs, there are words everywhere!

If writers are not behind the content we see everywhere, then I’ll like to know those behind it all.

Why You Underestimate Writers.

I am glad there are only a few reasons I could come up with. This is because the tide is changing. The world is leaning towards the digital way of life, which is more beneficial to writers.

  1. Writing is an everyday act: The English language is universal. Though not everyone can put down their thoughts into words, a large number of people can string words together to make meaning. This is quite understandable, isn’t it? Since many pass through the basic form of education.
  2. Ignorance: Many don’t know that there is more to writing. They believe it’s about knowing grammar and that’s all there is to it. They don’t know the different niches, genres, types, and uses of writing. This makes it difficult to appreciate the skill.
  3. It is a creative outlet: Writing is artistic. There is a unique style and approach that makes writing personalized. Like dancing, photography, and so on. Many don’t see it as a profession that deserves accolades. This is because the skill's creativity largely depends on the individual.
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What Makes Writers Special?

  1. Writers boost brand reputation:

All successful brands out there have writers in their organization. This is because the bulk of the messages brands pass across are through words. Words on their website, words on their billboards, words on their social media pages, even the brand’s mission, and vision statement, are coined into words. Writers help portray brands to the public. This leads to the second point.

2. A skilled writer equals professionalism:

Though writing is an act almost everyone can do, having a writer that is skilled for the job shows professional handling. A 200-word sales copy written by a direct response copywriter shows professionalism and would bring in a better result than giving the task to a random employee in the company. When you seek the services of a writer, it signifies that you want a good job.

3. Writers drive sales:

There is no business out there that doesn’t need advertisement. There is no advert without the use of words. Writers promote advertisement by crafting sellable content that attracts the right audience. Regardless of the industry, advertisement is a necessity, and the right words make it seamless. This is where copywriting is well utilized.

4. Writers enable a strong web presence:

Since the breakout of the pandemic, business owners have taken the cue to establish a web presence. No one wants to be caught unaware again. This is why there is a rapid increase in the quest for digital skills, and writing is not left out. Website copywriting, landing page copywriting, product description writing, blogging, and article writing. These are services that writers provide to publicize a business or an organization.

Writing is the foundation upon which other skills rest on. A graphic designer’s work is complemented with the right choice of words. A web developer can’t do a complete job without infusing words. The publicity of any organization relies on the good articulation of words. Though everyone can write, not everyone can compel actions through words. Not everyone can impact lives through words, not everyone can effectively pass a message across through words. When you underestimate writers, it shows that you are unaware of all this. I hope this post enlightens majority.