Cheers To Twenty Five

Knowing identity.

I was looking into my future, don’t mind me. Lol….

The Journey so far

How Do You Become Self-Aware?

  1. Build a closer relationship with God: I know you didn’t expect this, but it is the biggest factor and *it would be unfair to leave it out*. If you believe that God created you, then you should also believe that he knows you better than anyone.

Why You Need To Be Certain Of your Identity

This is why identity is important. Identity guides you, it gives you clarity, it helps shut out distractions. It comes with a wave of inner peace and a sense of self-worth. Once identity is known, your purpose is easily discovered.

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How Do You know You Are On The Right Path?

  1. You are now asking questions: Gabby, one of my LinkedIn friends said this and I quote her verbatim “Not everyone is bothered about these kind of things *many people don’t question the status quo* but for the fact that you are having so many thoughts in your head means you actually want to stand for something.” And that is a good thing.
  2. You are trying out things: So you are not only asking questions, but you are also exploring and doing. This is growth because it means your mindset has changed.
  3. You feel peace: There is a peace you enjoy when you are on the right path, even when things are uncertain, even when you haven’t discovered purpose. Your mind is still sane, this is why adding God to the journey is important.
  4. You have a new circle of friends: This doesn’t necessarily mean that you would lose old friends, not at all. But as you grow, your relationship horizon widens. This is a beautiful way to know that you are on the right path, you meet new people, you are involved in new conversations, and so on.
  5. God matters to you now more than ever: You enjoy everything that has God in it, you enjoy his presence, and look forward to more. *Then you are doing well……Lol*



Words speak, I do hope you hear it too.

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