7 Things You Are Actually Missing On Instagram

Zainab Atanda
4 min readAug 1, 2020


One of the Internet’s strength is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data - Jared Sandberg.

When I first came across this quote, my thoughts went straight to Google, the mother of Artificial Intelligence, but these past few months have proved that every platform has its own juice integrated in it. It is left for one to find it, grab it, own it, and use it.

A man that has intent, is the one that sees value. This simply means, he that finds will definitely see. It is now dependent on what exactly you are searching for.

I hear people complain incessantly, about how addictive Instagram can be and really, I am yet to understand how, because I know for a fact that I have been getting a whole lot of value from this same app and I have been able to narrow down my personal juices from Instagram to Seven major points.

PS: There is much more to this app, than these points. These are just the major ones at the top of my list.

Mentorship Goals: Don’t be surprised, this is a tested and approved point. If you seek mentorship of any sort, be it academical, financial, life coaching, business tips, relationship, pastorial, whatever kind. Instagram offers it all, through the accounts of certain people. These are people that dish out inspiring contents daily, that will sharpen your mind, increase your intellect and challenge your abilities. And its for free! All you need do is follow them and constantly digest their teachings. Thanks to IG Live, we have longer minutes to receive this impact. You can also decide to register to their coaching platforms if need be. Examples of these accounts are @feladurotoye, @steveharris @therealbradlea @thesamadeyemi @garyvee and so much more.

Relationship Goals: This is not just for the single folks, the married ones have a lot to gain from this too. We hear so many stories of failed marriages and relationships on social media, but i tell you, there are accounts to follow that gives a better perspective of marriage and not the usual garbage thrown at our faces all the time. Accounts like @lovelastingrelationships @skukipeeshaun, @albertoduwole @the.love.therapist, drops amazing contents that broadens one’s understanding of what a relationship should entail and the different approaches to resolve issues.

Laughter Goals: We tend to underestimate the power of a good laugh and our body actually needs a good amount of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins (DOSE). These are the happy hormones in our body system. The happier you are, the lesser the effect stress has on you. Your worries won’t depress you because your body has secreted enough happy hormones to keep you energized. Accounts like @krakstv, @taaooma, @zikokomag always lift up the spirit, with their very funny contents. To be happy is a choice, you have to be intentional about that too.

Trending News: This is one of the major aspect Instagram is known for, just like all other social media platforms. Whatever and however the news comes in, you will always get the full details on Instagram, due to the availability of pictures, videos and captions. Very popular news carriers on Instagram are @instablog9ja, @worldeconomicforum @bbcnews to mention a few. International news, local news, entertainment news, football news, whatever news, they are available on IG.

God Goals: It is really amazing to find powerful ministrations on Instagram. We really don’t have to be in a building, or in a gathering to be blessed. You can be blessed through your phone now! Isn’t that cool? Personalities like @bishopjakes @pastorpoju @pastorkeion feeds us with revelations of the word of God. You are missing a lot if you don’t know this, It is not too late though! (Smiles).

Women Goals: This is a bonus tip to every lady out there, It is very reassuring to have a community of like-minds that help declutter the mind of all the pressure bestowed on ladies. @sheleadsafrica, @ibukunawosika @leadingladiesafrica @shewriteswoman are very cool Instagram accounts you should follow. We all need that boost that stirs up positive actions in us.

Marketing Goals: Yea, I saved the best for the last. With Instagram you can sell yourself easily. Your brand, what you do, how you do it, all these can fit into the system. This means, you can’t only get value from the app, you can also give value through the app. Though, it is really competitive when it comes to marketing because millions of people are doing the same, but that is what the application is about, isn’t it? So, that shouldn’t discourage you. Be different, do your own thing, be your own self, not a copy of another person and you will definitely pull through.

I know that many do spend a lot of time on Instagram, but I am hoping you get better value of your time. Tap into the juice and enjoy more.

There is a big difference between scrolling for fun and getting value from each scroll. Utilize this gift of social media, it is going to be here for a long time. Feel free to reach out to me for more points or accounts. I am so willing to share.

Comment below, share your own points with me too @zahnab_ and tell me what you think about this.